The great journey has begun.

Lords, it's time to board the Galleon or Carrack.

Settling of the Realms is an open source MMOCCG (Massively Multiplayer On-Chain Composable Game) of economics and Chivalry built on-top of ZK-STARKS (StarkNet).

Board the ship now for the promised zero-knowledge proofed land and be rewarded in $LORDS. The token of the Realmverse.

The Galleon (V1 Staking)

Rewards: 49x $LORDS per epoch (a bonus of 12%).
Length: Epoch 35 - until StarkNet is in beta and we have bridged (waiting for an ETA from StarkNet).
Claiming $LORDS: Epochs 1-10: claimable below. Epochs 11-34: claimable on mainnet between epochs 35-44. Epochs 35-onwards: claimable directly on StarkNet once migrated (waiting for an ETA from StarkNet).
Rewards Eligibility: You will be rewarded for every full epoch staked.

Your Unstaked Realms

You need to be staked for an entire epoch to be entitled to your $LORDS


Your Staked Realms


$LORDS Earned

You earn 49x $LORDS per Realm per full staked epoch from epoch 16+ until bridged to StarkNet.

Claimable Epoch 1-10:

Claimable Epoch 11-34: see claim page

Unclaimable Epoch 35-Now:

Add LORDS to MetaMask

Current Epoch

An epoch is 1 week

Time Left in Epoch: loading time

Total Realms Staked

/ 8000


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